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Thea 2 toxin, Φράσεις κλειδιά

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Penn Abstract The enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli ETEC strain Ec, causing post weaning diarrhoea in swine, harbours six plasmids hpv fej- és nyakrák tünetei from 13 to kb in size.

The heat stable toxin genes sta, stb and a tetracycline resistance gene were located on a self conjugative kb plasmid, called pTC. Epidemiological studies on ETEC isolates showed that pTC-like plasmids are widely distributed among porcine ETEC strains; thus representing an example of co-evolution of antibacterial resistance and virulence in pathogenic E.

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All rights reserved. Introduction Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli ETEC strains are an important cause of diarrhoea in infants and travellers in the human population and they are also responsible for diarrhoeal diseases of animals such as postweaning diarrhoea of swine. E-mail address: olasz abc. These authors contributed equally to this work.

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ETEC strains colonise the small intestine of weaned pigs by adhering to the small intestinal thea 2 toxin surface and attaching to the microvillus membrane.

Olasz et al.

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One of the ST toxins, STa formerly called STI is generally assayed in suckling mice and it is encoded on plasmids as part of the transposon Tn [4]. The stb gene formerly called STII [5,6] generally assayed in jejunal loops of weaned pigs encodes a aa polypeptide starting with a typical 23 amino acid signal peptide. The stb gene is known to be located on plasmids and is reported to be part of a 9 kb transposon designated Tn [7—9].

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In this study, we report that pTC, one of the large self conjugative endogenous plasmids of this strain, contains tetracycline resistance genes as well as the stb and sta toxin genes. All of these observations together with the results of epidemiological studies revealed that pTC and pTC-like plasmids probably represent one of the major virulence factors in diarrhoeal disease of swine.

Then 0. Cells were harvested in 5 ml of 0. Maintenance assay of plasmids harbouring ColE1 origin of replication in Ec For the curing experiment strain S was transformed condyloma egy nő húgycsövében plasmid pFOL and transconjugants were selected for CmR colonies.

The cultures were diluted fold in LB and grown without selection. Materials and methods 2. Bacterial strains, plasmids and DNA techniques E.

Common techniques not described in detail were performed according to [14].

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Computer analysis of sequences was performed with the GCG software package [17]. At least three independent col- 2. Results were expressed in millilitres of content per centimetre of loop length. For testing STb enterotoxin production, Ec was used as positive control.

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For both tests the nontoxigenic porcine E. The resulting conjugative plasmid can be mobilised from the E. Results and discussion 3. In a recent work it was reported that sta and stb genes of Ec are part of a pathogenicity island [21].

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DNA hybridisation experiments using sta, stb and ahemolysin probes Figs. The plasmid pattern of Ec was further investigated and it turned out that this strain harboured six plasmids of approximately, 48, The pF18 transconjugants F and F did not carry the sta and stb toxin genes Figs. Since large plasmids very frequently harbour antibiotic resistance determinants, further characterisation of the plasmids was based on the determination of the antibiotic resistance pattern of the Ec strain.

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However, Ec showed only tetracycline resistance. Hybridisation experiments indicated that the TcR TG1 transformants harboured the sta and stb toxin genes, therefore, sta and stb have to be located on the tetracycline resistance plasmid Figs. The plasmid had the molecular weight of approximately kb and was called pTC. Characterisation of pTC and thea 2 toxin thea 2 toxin of its origin of replication In order to test the conjugation ability of pTC, the plasmid was introduced into the strains S, TG1 and HB HB does not harbour mobilisation or transfer functions, TG1 carries an F 0 plasmid lacking the ability to gyomorrák macska conjugated and S has a mobilisation function integrated in the chromosome.

As a result, we were able to detect in all three cases the transfer of the TcR marker from donor to recipient bacteria. The frequency of the transfer varied between 1. NA, non applicable. The gut-weight, and the body weights were measured in grams. DNA probes in Southern hybridisation experiments for detection of sta, stb and the a-hemolysin genes were used as described by Lee [5] and Fekete [21].

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However, the application of conventional curing methods recombinational replacement, temperature shift, ethidium bromide starvation have failed. This phenomenon might have been due to the incompatibility of pTC and pTKm5 resulting from their possession of the same origin of replication.

The corresponding part of the pTC sequence however, contained a bp long gap beginning at position compared to pSco1. The ColE1 type origin of replication of pTC was located between positions and It is noteworthy that the Rom protein has a regulatory function in plasmid replication [23,24].

Segregation of plasmids in the curing experiments. Panel A: schematic representation of the curing of pTC.

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The plasmids pTC, pTKm5 and pFOL belong to the same incompatibility group and therefore a strong competition can occur for the possibility to replicate. The decreasing number of KmR colonies in NB segregation populations represents the segregation and loss of plasmid pTKm5. Each passage represents about 10 generations. For detailed description of the experiment, see Section 2.

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In this experimental setup at least eight plasmids six endogenous — including pTC — and two newly introduced ones were present in the same bacterial cell. In this situation a very strong competition can occur for the possibility of replication. Therefore, it was assumed that in this experimental setup the segregation of one, two or even three of the plasmids pTC, pTKm5 and pFOL could occur Fig.

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The KmS bacteria were tested for sensitivity for antibiotics Tc and Cm. This result is in accordance to the expected outcome of the thea 2 toxin assay. Similarly, the baby mouse test showed that F. At the same time the strain and its pTC cured derivatives all retained their mannose resistant in vitro adhesiveness to porcine brush borders, they agglutinated in anti-F18 antisera thea 2 toxin kept their haemolytic phenotype Table 2 indicating the maintenance of plasmid pF These strains, representing two strain collections of different geographical origins USA and Hungarywere tested for characteristics of pTC Table 3.

This latter observation is not surprising, because as described earlier, the gene encoding F18ac is located on another plasmid [22]. Thanks are due to Dr. Harley Moon F. We are grateful to Ágota Bakos and Ilona Keresztúri for their skillful help with the basic bacterial procedures as well as Erika Keresztúri, Zsuzsanna Lengyel hpv rachen behandlung Mária Turai for technical assistance.

The authors also thank Ildikó Szeverényi for her helpful suggestions.

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References [1] Nagy, B. USA 77 7— Gene 55, — Pathogenesis 22 11— Nucleic Acids Res. Studies on the Epstein—Barr virus genome. Biotechniques 5, Biotechnology 1, — Gene 33, — Gene 19, — Gene 76, — FEMS Microbiol.

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